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  • Cyrus Mewawalla

  • Managing Director, Head of Research
  • CM Research
Cyrus Mewawalla
Managing Director, Head of Research
CM Research
Cyrus Mewawalla is a TMT sector strategist. He has twenty years of expertise in the telecom, media and technology sectors. His background has given him the unique ability to view industry trends both as an insider and an outsider. Before entering the world of investment research, Cyrus spent a decade at PwC, working deep inside the companies and industries that he now analyses. This industry experience gives him an edge over many career analysts at larger banks.
In 2000, Cyrus left PwC to become a telecom analyst at Nomura. A few years later, he set up independently. Over the years Cyrus has built a reputation for being early in detecting new investment themes. His investment research is regularly referenced in business journals such as The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times and The Economist for being ahead of its time. In 2006, Bloomberg ranked him the No. 1 stock picker in the UK fixed telecom market. Cyrus has been an advisor to The Carbon Trust and McKinsey. He is also a Mentor at Level 39, Europe's leading hub for technology start-ups. Cyrus graduated with an Economics degree from Cambridge University, England and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Cyrus is also author of the bestselling novel, “City of Thieves” (published by Hachette, 2009) about conflicts of interest within the investment banking sector.