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Daniel Tabbush
Tabbush Report
Daniel Tabbush has been highly rated by Asiamoney, Bloomberg and The Asset for his Asian bank analysis, which began some 20 years ago. Tabbush made his name analyzing banks in Thailand, highlighting bad loan risks for Thai banks before and after the Thai Financial Crisis of 1997.
He is known for extolling the unusual positives of Japan’s mega banks in 2005, and the pending risks for HSBC from its US subprime loan operations, in 2006.  More recently, when most were concerned with nearly all Western banks in late 2008, Tabbush highlighted the positive outlook for Standard Chartered Bank.
He was CLSA's Head of Asian Bank research from 2000 to 2012 overseeing 10 analysts in Asia and coverage of approximately 80 banks.  From 1996 to 2000 he held several positions at CLSA, including Thai Bank analyst, Research Head and Country Manager (Thailand).  Prior to working at CLSA, Tabbush was the Thai Bank Analyst at Swiss Bank Corp, from 1993-1996.
Since leaving CLSA in early 2012, Tabbush authored a book about his time in the stock-brokerage industry, called Quit & Run, after which he set up his own bank consultancy service, called Tabbush Report. He began writing the Banking on Asia blog for SNL in mid 2012, which he continues to do.  In mid 2013, Tabbush began to work with the independent research house, Forensic Asia, to provide his Asian bank research to their clients, exclusively. 
Daniel grew up in Los Angeles, graduated from University of California, San Diego in Economics, cum laude and with Phi Beta Kappa honors.  He lives with his wife and kids in Bangkok and he enjoys running, cooking, photography and playing chess.