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  • Diana Choyleva

  • Head of Macroeconomic Research
  • Lombard Street Research
Diana Choyleva
Head of Macroeconomic Research
Lombard Street Research
Diana joined Lombard Street Research in 2000 and became a director of the company in 2005. In 2013 she returned to the London office to become the Head of Macroeconomic Research.
In 2010 she moved to our Hong Kong office to develop our expansion on mainland China and Asia. Between 2005 and 2009 she was the Head of our UK Service. Her current work covers global issues, with a focus on China and the US.
Career highlights
Diana has pioneered our coverage of the Chinese economy since 2002. She correctly identified China’s expansion as the key global force pointing to a sustained upswing in commodity prices.
In 2004 she warned of China’s imminent domestic demand slowdown and anticipated the yuan appreciation that started in mid-2005. In early 2007 she warned of the threat that global inflationary pressures arising from China’s overheating posed for global growth.
In 2009 and 2010 Diana correctlyforecast China’s overheating and the need for policy tightening - In 2011 she forecast China’s structural growth slowdown, arguing real growth will average 5% in this decade. The forecast was off consensus, which has since then moved in our direction.
She constructed a UK housing affordability index, which the Daily Telegraph recognised as the best forecast indicator for the UK housing market.
Diana correctly forecast the upswing of the Japanese stock market in 2003 and in early 2007 anticipated the trouble to befall US banks and the ensuing credit crunch.
Academic history