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  • Freya Beamish

  • Economist
  • Lombard Street Research
Freya Beamish
Lombard Street Research
Freya Beamish joined Lombard Street Research Asia in Autumn 2011.
She is based in our Hong Kong office and covers Asia, with a focus on the North East and Australia.
Recent work
Freya concentrates on the macroeconomic analysis of Japan, China, Korea and Australia.
This combination offers her a unique insight into these North East Asia competitors.
In June 2014 she published an LSR View: Japan’s ninja arrow, a comprehensive review of Japan’s problems and the way out through JGB default.
In 2013/14 she re-developed our leading indicators, changing the focus of the program and creating new indicators for all of the major countries in our coverage.
In early May 2013 she published a report, identifying the bubble in Asian bonds. This report was shortly followed by an in depth study of capital flows in Asia, Asia’s currency cold wars.
In March 2013, she co-authored a report, China’s slowdown – winners and (mostly) losers. Freya contributes to our
Global leading indicators and Asset Allocation publications and produces frequent research notes on her areas of specialization.
Career timeline
September 2011
Joined Lombard Street Research as an economist.
The National, Abu Dhabi
Research position with Business section, writing on the Chinese economy.
2010 & 2007
Lombard Street Research
Internship positions working on debt ratios and exposure to US sub-prime mortgages.
Action Aid International, Beijing
Research intern working on competition in the supermarket sector.