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  • Peter Perkins

  • Global Strategist & Partner
  • MRB - The Macro Research Board
Peter Perkins
Global Strategist & Partner
MRB - The Macro Research Board
Peter Perkins helped found MRB Partners in 2010, an independent investment research and consultancy firm, located in London and Montreal. MRB specializes in providing top-down global asset allocation advice and ideas to investment managers around the world. The firm develops investment strategy and recommendations by identifying the key structural and cyclical themes driving the global economy and asset markets, utilizing comprehensive proprietary forecasting models and indicators, while leveraging the extensive experience of our senior staff. The firm’s philosophy is strong, interactive and personalized partnerships to support client’s investment decision-making process. His primary responsibility is for Global Asset Allocation.
He has 27-years experience in the industry, both as a strategist and economist. Prior to joining MRB, he was Managing Editor at BCA Research (The Bank Credit Analyst), where he founded the firm’s Premium Service, focusing on tactical asset allocation and supporting major clients.
Over his career, Mr. Perkins has covered all major asset classes and regions, gained from working in the U.S., Hong Kong, Mexico and Canada. He speaks regularly to investment professionals around the world.
He has a Master’s degree in Economics from Pennsylvania State University and B.A. in Economics from the University of Maryland.