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  • Robert Ciemniak

  • Founder-CEO& Chief Analyst
  • Real Estate Foresight Ltd
Robert Ciemniak
Founder-CEO& Chief Analyst
Real Estate Foresight Ltd
In 2012, Robert started Real Estate Foresight Ltd (www.realestateforesight.com), an independent research, analytics and consulting firm based in Hong Kong, the producer of the monthly China Report.
Real Estate Foresight supports investors in forming, testingand communicatingtheir top-down views on China, and inassessing relative attractiveness of cities.
Robert also designs and facilitates strategy and foresight workshops for clients, building on his past experience with scenario and strategic planning.
Before starting his own venture, Robert had spent over 13 years at Thomson Reuters in information business in Hong Kong, London and Frankfurt. Most recently, he was Global Head of Real Estate Markets in Hong Kong and London, and before that Head of Corporate Foresight in Group Strategy in London.
He was the producer of the Thomson Reuters Global Property Outlook conference series over 5 years 2007-2011 in London, and has built a track record as a keynote speaker, presenter, facilitator and producer at over 20 conferences/seminars in Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, London, New York, Monaco, Frankfurt over the past 8 years in real estate sector.
Robert holds a dual MBA degree from London Business School and Columbia Business School in New York.He also holds an International Master in chess title (inactive) and is an author of a bookon the Internet and competitive strategy (1999).